Insertion rules Immoscout24

As ImmoScout24 would like to maintain the high quality of the advertised properties and make the search experience for those looking for real estate as pleasant as possible, the following insertion rules for the publication of properties have been defined:

1. Insertion

  • Direct «wanted» advertisements are not permitted on ImmoScout24. You may use our search order for this purpose.
  • The property platform is not appropriate if you wish to advertise furnishings or supplementary services. For these purposes, we recommend our partner platform
  • Each advertising space can only be used for one property at a time.
  • If you succeed in selling your property early, you may not use the advertising space for other properties.
  • Only plots of building land, planned or realised properties for sale or rent with corresponding plots may be advertised on ImmoScout24.
  • Advertisements may only be published by third parties with the agreement of the owner.

2. Properties


  • All information published in the advertisement must be truthful and refer to the advertised property. 
  • This concerns, amongst other things, the following information:
    • Price of the property
    • Location of the property (street, postcode, place and canton)
    • Dimensions and location
    • Data of the contact person
    • Condition of the property
    • Availability
    • Images and plans of the property
  • Only one property is allowed per advertisement.
  • The postcode and the street of the property must be given correctly so that it is displayed correctly on the map search.
  • A valid telephone number or email address must be entered into the advertisement for contact purposes.
  • The information in the free text field must refer to the advertised property and may not be misused for other purposes (e.g. company advertising).
  • Erotic, discriminating or political contents are not permitted.


  • The field «price» must contain the effective gross rent/final selling price (in the case of commercial properties net rent) or «0» so that the price appears as «on request» in the advertisement. Please note that advertisements without a specific price will be shown last in the result list.
  • Properties for sale by auction may only be published with the express permission of ImmoScout24.


  • The advertiser must have the image rights for the uploaded images (property of the advertiser) and may not use the images of third parties for the advertisement.
  • The uploaded images must display the actual advertised property or relevant information (surroundings, view, etc.) for people searching for properties.
  • Photos with erotic, discriminatory or political content, and photos which serve the purpose of company advertising (logos, texts, banners, etc.) are not permitted.
  • It is prohibited to supplement the property photos with symbols and inscriptions which simulate an add-on product of ImmoScout24 (e.g. orange corner for top listing).

3. Checking advertisements

  • For reasons of quality, each new advertisement will be formally checked by ImmoScout24 before it is activated. If an advertisement does not fulfil the quality requirements, ImmoScout24 reserves the right to make minor changes or to request that changes be made by the advertiser. ImmoScout24 can reject advertisements without having to give reasons. With the check, ImmoScout24 assumes no responsibility for the content of checked advertisements.

4. Reimbursement of services

  • In the case of early success (rental or sale), for advertisings with predefined fixed duration, the previously paid feed are non-refundable.
  • The costs for the booked add-on products (online booking by advertiser) will not be reimbursed.

5. Measures in the event of noncompliance

  • ImmoScout24 reserves the right to deactivate properties which have illegal content and to serve notice to the advertisers to this effect.
  • In the event of recurring deficits in quality, infringements or misuse, ImmoScout24 reserves the right to lock and delete the portfolio of an advertiser, to no longer approve future advertisements, and to charge for any corresponding damages.

Version: November 2021 – SMG Swiss Marketplace Group Ltd