Member provisions & supplementary GTC

Supplementary Provisions to the Membership Agreement and the General Terms and Conditions of Business/SMG Swiss Marketplace Group, ImmoScout24


These Supplementary Provisions (hereinafter referred to as ‘Supplementary GTC’) of SMG Swiss Marketplace Group, (hereinafter referred to as ‘SMG Swiss Marketplace Group’) govern the use of the services provided by SMG Swiss Marketplace Group on the platform.

The Supplementary GTC concerning the Membership Agreement applies to each member who has signed a Membership Agreement with SMG Swiss Marketplace Group or ImmoScout24.

The Supplementary GTC supplement the General Terms & Conditions of SMG Swiss Marketplace Group and the existing provisions concerning the Membership Agreement. They take precedence over the General Terms and Conditions of Business. The General Terms and Conditions of Business can be accessed on the ImmoScout24 website at any time, as can the Supplementary GTC.

Price Model

ImmoScout24 reserves the right to introduce new pricing models that take greater account of individual member-related and performance-oriented factors.

Publication of advertisements for new-build or refurbished properties

Adverts for new-build or refurbished properties will also automatically be published on the new-build platform. Advertisements for new-build or refurbished properties shall be deemed to be advertisements of properties that were completed no less than three (3) years ago or that are about to be completed and that will expressly be advertised as new-builds or refurbished properties.

When advertising new-build or refurbishment projects with one of the booked advertising packages, ImmoScout24 is entitled to automatically charge a supplement in accordance with the price of the ‘Project light’ ad package per day for each advertisement as of 1 February 2021.

In the event of repeated non-observance of the terms of publication as new-build or refurbishment advertisements, ImmoScout24 may initiate a deletion of the publications in question.


The IAZI AG products that you receive through your subscription to ImmoScout24 are intended for internal use only. Commercial use, such as the distribution, publication or resale of IAZI reports, is not permitted.


For the use of the product CASAONE (real estate software), the General Terms and Conditions of Business and Data Protection of the company Casasoft AG apply. These can be accessed at

Adjustments to prices and services

ImmoScout24 reserves the right to adjust prices, services and contractual provisions as necessary. ImmoScout24 will notify the member of any changes in an appropriate manner (e.g. by email).

If SMG Swiss Marketplace Group, ImmoScout24 adjusts prices or services in a manner that is more onerous for the member, ImmoScout24 shall notify its members with sufficient advance notice to enable them to decide whether they want to accept the adjustment before it takes effect. The adjustments shall be deemed accepted if no express termination is effected. Similarly, payment of the invoice shall be deemed acceptance of the price adjustment. Adjustments due to an amendment of statutory taxation rates (e.g. increase in VAT) shall not be deemed to be price adjustments within the foregoing meaning

A Member may not split slots between multiple agencies/brokers that are not officially and/or legally affiliated with each other. Clients are not allowed to resell our services. We reserve the right to terminate the contract in case of violation.

Price reduction

ImmoScout24 reserves the right to adjust any discounts granted prior to a price reduction.


Version: January 2022 – SMG Swiss Marketplace Group, ImmoScout24