Product-specific service descriptions

Individual listings

Individual listers can create and publish listings on Listings will remain visible until they are deleted or archived by the person who published them. The costs for each listing are calculated in weekly rates for each week of publication. This can vary from listing to listing depending on a number of factors, such as the location and type of property and whether it’s for sale or rent. A weekly flat rate covers seven days, so the day of publication (regardless of time) and any weekly flat rate started will be billed in full.  The first weekly rate will be billed once you submit the listing. Additional costs based on length of publication are billed every four weeks, but no later than the point of deletion or archiving of the listing. Listers can see the binding listing costs before their listing is finalised for publication or reactivation on and this cost will apply for the entire duration of the listing. Please note that the costs for a new listing on ImmoScout24 may have changed once a listing has been deleted. The available supplementary services are included in the service package and cannot be booked separately. You can see the description and prices for these supplementary services during the listing process in your user account under ‘My listings’.

Services for seekers

TenantPlus for Inquirers

The "TenantPlus" offer is only available at private customers and only includes listings from private persons.

By choosing the "TenantPlus" offer, the inquirer is given the option to see the contact information of clients of exclusive real estate advertisements at least three days earlier than other inquirers who have not chosen this option. The exclusive real estate advertisements are marked with a "Plus".

By depositing and confirming his billing address or credit card details, the inquirer bindingly confirms the acceptance of a "TenantPlus" contract under the conditions stated on the relevant page. From this point in time, the free seven-day Trial Period begins. If the inquirer cancels his subscription during the Trial Period, he will not be charged any fees. The free Trial Period can only be used once by the inquirer. In the event of cancellation during the Trial Period, the services of "TenantPlus" can no longer be used after expiry of the trial period. If no notice of termination is given, the paid Subscription Period begins after expiry of the Trial Period and lasts either three, six or twelve months. The inquirer undertakes to pay the monthly fees in full during the selected contract period. After expiry, the Subscription Period is automatically extended by one month, unless the inquirer cancels his "TenantPlus" Subscription with a notice period of one day to the end of the Subscription Period. The inquirer will be informed of an extension of the Subscription Period by e-mail. If no timely notice of termination is given, the inquirer is obliged to pay the fees for the entire extended contract period.

The Cancellation of the "TenantPlus" subscription can be made via Account Settings and will be confirmed by E-Mail. 

During the Subscription Period, the inquirer is obliged to pay the current monthly price in Swiss francs (excl. VAT) at the time of the order. Discounts granted at the beginning of the contract are only valid during the first four months of the Subscription Period. If the Subscription Period is extended, the monthly price valid at the time of the extension will apply for the new contract period. SMG Swiss Marketplace Group Ltd. reserves the right to adjust contract terms that are shorter than 12 months if necessary.

Last modified: 26.03.2024