Improperly used contact forms

What should you do if you receive an improperly used contact form? Do not react to it and report it to ImmoScout24 Customer Service.

Contact forms used for fraudulent purposes do not always look the same and do not always originate from the same sender (supposedly interested party). However, there are various features that can help you identify this type of form.

In most cases, an e-mail address used for fraudulent purposes has the following attributes:

  • no plausible name indicated
  • address missing
  • e-mail address missing or a dubious sender indicated as the sending e-mail address of the interested party (e.g.
  • «Message from sender» not related to the property on offer, default text left unmodified or no message text at all

If you receive a fraudulent contact form, do not respond to the sender. You can assume that these types of e-mails have been sent by scammers. This is a method for gathering e-mail addresses that are later used for phishing e-mails and spam attacks.

Please report such incidents of fraud to our customer service department.