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Exclusive listings

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The 1000+ new and exclusive TenantPlus listings each month come from private individuals looking for a new tenant. As a TenantPlus subscriber, you can contact these advertisers up to 7 days exclusively before non-subscribers.

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As a TenantPlus user, you can order this collections report for free.
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I’ve been searching for months, but the perfect solution always seems to slip away. Every time I think I’ve got it, it gets snatched right from under my nose!
– Roberta C.
Exclusive opportunity to contact advertisers of 1000+ TenantPlus listings

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Contact advertisers up to 7 days exclusively before non-subscribers


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  • More than 1000 exclusive listings monthly
  • Exclusive opportunity to contact advertisers up to 7 days before others
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Maybe you ask yourself these questions:

You have the option to cancel your subscription during the initial 7-day free trial. After the free trial period, you can disable auto-renewal, allowing the subscription to expire after the 3-month term without automatic extension. To cancel the subscription, go to "My Account" and then to "Settings".
The TenantPlus subscription lasts for a minimum of three months. By signing up, you agree to use the service for three months and undertake to make the corresponding payment.
The first three months of the subscription are charged in three installments of CHF 39.95 each. Afterward, monthly auto-renewal kicks until disabled.
No refunds are issued due to the failure to find a property. The TenantPlus subscription provides exclusive benefits, but property availability is not guaranteed.
TenantPlus listings come from private individuals, i.e., not from agencies. This allows you to have a more personal contact. All listings can be viewed by everybody but only TenantPlus members can contact the advertiser in the first 3 days after publication.
As exclusive listings come from private individuals, they are not charged for the listing.
While TenantPlus and similar services may not directly increase the number of available housing units, we believe in leveraging personal connections to amplify housing opportunities. Exclusive listings, sourced directly from private individuals like yourself, prioritize personal exchanges over public viewings.
The advantage of TenantPlus is that you can contact exclusive listings before non-members. Everybody can view them, but contacting the advertiser is only available to subscribers during the exclusivity period that extends up to 7 days.
At our core, we are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need. Through a collaborative effort with an esteemed social living organisation, we are dedicated to simplifying the process of finding a home for individuals facing challenges. Are you in a precarious housing situation? Please check how Domicil might help you.
There may be several reasons why we have manually deactivated your account:
– You haven't paid your invoice.
– You had contact with our support and this was the resolution.