Property appraisals made easy

Calculate the value of a property – whether you’re buying or selling, securing finance or just curious.

Online appraisal «free»

3 minutes

The quick and easy way to a property’s market value

The online appraisal «pro» – accepted by banks

CHF 290
10 minutes

For a more in-depth and accurate appraisal

The in-depth, expert, in-person appraisal

from CHF 1,500

For special properties, investments and apartment blocks

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Quick, easy, online
For standard properties (up to 300 m²)
Accepted by banks
In-depth and accurate appraisal
For apartment blocks, special properties and investments


How reliable are the different appraisal methods?

Online appraisal «free»: the free property valuation quickly provides you with a rough estimate of the property’s market value – all online. It gives an indication of the current market situation but is no substitute for a full valuation.

Online appraisal «pro»: the «pro» version is accepted by banks and provides more accurate results – all online. We request more information, allowing us to calculate a market value you can trust.

Expert appraisal: an expert visits the property in person. This method, accepted by banks, is suitable for office/commercial premises, apartment blocks and investment properties.

As a general rule, market prices may differ from the estimate due to a variety of factors, including negotiation skills and time pressure.

How are the results of the online appraisals calculated?

We enlist IAZI – a consultancy firm with over 25 years’ experience on the property market – to help provide you with accurate market valuations. Their calculation model determines the market value of a property based on its structural characteristics and location (hedonic approach).

In the process, it draws on Switzerland’s largest transaction database with over 30,000 arm’s length transactions recorded each year. This means that enough comparison properties are available for most residential areas.

In conjunction with quarterly adjustment to the latest market trends, this appraisal method always provides up-to-date and accurate results for marketable properties. These are benefits that many banks, insurance companies, pension funds and brokers swear by.

Which method suits my needs?

Online appraisal «free»: our free and fastest appraisal gives you an estimated market value with a rough price range in just a few seconds.

Online appraisal «pro»: this sound valuation gives you all the information you need to sell or finance the property.

Our appraisals «free» and «pro» are suitable for typical family homes and apartments.

Expert appraisal: professional appraisal, particularly suitable for special properties, investments, office/commercial premises, apartment blocks and buildings with specific fittings. Our hassle-free all-in-one package – a property expert takes care of everything.