Online real estate appraisal

For owners and prospective buyers

  • Procedure recognised by banks
  • Quick, easy and accurate
  • Fair and cost-effective

Fixed price per flat or house

CHF 290.–

A service that pays off

For the financing

You provide our appraisal and increase your chances of obtaining a mortgage.

For price negotiations

You know the market situation and are well prepared to negotiate the price.

For asset splits

You receive a neutral evaluation and can divide the real estate value fairly.

For rebuilds

You can match the increase in value with the rebuild costs in advance.

This is how our online real estate appraisal works

1. You enter the data of the property

The most important information about the object is sufficient for us. However, you are free to provide additional information for a more accurate calculation.

2. IAZI compares the property with similar ones

The database contains over 25'000 real estate transactions tracked each year throughout Switzerland. Thus IAZI can fall back on suitable comparison properties also at the location of your property.

3. IAZI determines the exact real estate value

For this purpose, the appraisal experts use their sophisticated calculation model, which they adapt quarterly to the latest market trends. This gives you an idea of the current market conditions at all times.

4. You receive your appraisal dossier by e-mail

We prepare a detailed dossier and send it to you by e-mail. You will not receive a well-founded property appraisal more quickly.

View a sample dossier

Online or expert – which real estate appraisal suits your property?

In addition to the online appraisal, you can also book an on-site appraisal by an expert. Choose the appropriate variant yourself.

Online real estate appraisal

Only CHF 290.–

  • Fast and inexpensive appraisal
  • For flats and houses up to 300 m² living space
  • For properties in settlement areas
  • Procedure recognised by banks

Property appraisal by an expert

Starting at CHF 1500.–

  • In-depth assessment and consulting on site
  • Also for very large and luxurious properties
  • Also for multi-family residentials and commercial properties
  • Also for secluded properties

The precise online real estate appraisal – recognised by banks

In order to offer you precise market value calculations, we rely on IAZI’s more than 20 years of expertise and calculation model. It calculates the market value of a property on the basis of its structural characteristics and of its location (hedonic approach).

It draws on a data pool of over 25'000 free-hand transactions collected annually. This means that there are enough comparison properties available for most residential areas.

Together with the quarterly adjustment to the latest market trends, this appraisal method always delivers up-to-date and precise results. All these advantages have also convinced numerous banks, insurance companies, pension funds and real estate agents.

What our customers say

Very good

Overall rating of the service

Would you like to learn more? We answer the most frequently asked questions.

Is the appraisal method recognised by banks?

Yes. Many banks, insurance companies, pension funds and real estate agents also use themselves the appraisal method we apply. It is based on a complex statistical procedure of the real estate consulting company IAZI Ltd and takes into account the internal and external quality characteristics of a property (hedonic calculation model).

What do I need for the online property appraisal?

All we need is the most important information about the property: address, living space, number of rooms and sanitary rooms, year of construction and condition; for houses also cubage and plot area. You are free to provide additional information for a more accurate calculation.

Which objects can be appraised?

IAZI appraises online flats and houses with living spaces of up to 300 m², whereas our experts appraise commercial buildings, plots, luxury properties or very special properties on site.

How do I pay?

You can pay conveniently by Mastercard, Visa or PostFinance card.