What is the value of your property?

Take advantage of the most comprehensive database in Switzerland and our many years of experience to get a free initial estimate of the market price.

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Over 20 years of expertise

Over 20 years of expertise

For more than two decades, we have been active as an independent partner in the real estate market, carrying out valuations for over 15,000 properties every year.

80 % of all trade in Switzerland

80 % of all trade in Switzerland

The valuation is based on the model developed by our partner IAZI. It includes approximately 80 % of all real estate sales in Switzerland.

Observation of the price development

Observation of the price development

Our understanding of the market is based on the most comprehensive and current database, which provides you with a realistic estimate of the market value of your property.

Summary of Property Valuation

What papers are needed for the valuation?

None. You just have to give a few details, without any documents: - Address - Number of rooms and living space - Year of construction and possibly last renovation year As soon as you have entered all the information, you will receive your free property valuation within 3 minutes conveniently by email.

Factors of Property Valuation

How is the property value calculated?

The estimate of the market value is based on an analysis of over 70 influencing factors, including various structural characteristics and the location. This method also incorporates data from similar properties that have already been sold. The data source is updated every 3 months and expanded to include the latest market developments. This way you get a quick and uncomplicated impression of the current market price of your property.

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The real estate market map shows you the median of recent asking prices in your search area as well as the price trends over the last few years.

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Are you perhaps asking yourself these questions?

A property valuation is worthwhile in any case. If you want to sell your house or flat, our free online valuation will give you an initial market price estimate. Even if you are interested in buying a property, the valuation can give you important clues about the market value and thus the purchase price. Are you a happy homeowner? Then it is worth checking from time to time how the property market in your region is developing and whether there has been an increase in value.
Nothing - the online property valuation from ImmoScout24 is completely free and non-binding. Thanks to our many years of experience in the real estate market and the latest market data, we can offer you a free market price estimate in cooperation with our partner company IAZI. IAZI has been a leading valuation and consulting company in the Swiss real estate market since 1994.
The free valuation provides a price range that allows you to quickly get an initial idea of the market value of the property. For a more detailed valuation, we recommend the online valuation "pro". There you enter additional information about your property and receive a precise market price estimate that is even recognised by banks.
First and foremost, the location, e.g. the distance to shopping facilities, schools or public transport connections. Also important are the condition of your property (year of renovation, building substance, energy efficiency, etc.) as well as the standard of fittings and equipment. Some of these factors can change over the years. That's why it is worthwhile to take our free property valuation from time to time.