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New building to buy

The purchase of a new construction also means the acquisition of freedoms that objects with a long history can not offer. You can create your new interior as you like it. But that has its price.

With the purchase of a new contrustion, you can be sure that the maintenance measures will not be on the to-do list. In addition, you can buy items that are still in the construction phase. This creates great decision-making possibilities with regard to the final design of the house. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms is therefore also to be determined, so that a new construction project receives from the beginning a very personal character.

Unfortunately, so much freedom has its price. Buying a new building is usually associated with high costs. However, these higher initial costs are amortized by the fact that the sale of a new property generally produces higher returns. And even if the new building were to remain in the family for many years and become a home for retirement, the benefits and personal character that you can inflict on it usually exceed the initial costs.