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The advantages and disadvantages of a new build for rent

Today, many people prefer to live in a newly built apartment. Everything is new and has no signs of wear. But what are the disadvantages?

Many people feel comfortable in a new apartment: the bathrooms comply with current standards and the soundproofing of the neighbor is given and not, as in some old buildings, almost unavailable. On the other hand, an old house will often have more charm.

At the same time, it is also possible to mark the new living environment. Renting a first job also has financial advantages because the new buildings comply with current environmental standards. This results in significantly lower ancillary costs, which reduces the household budget by the same amount.

Rent a new building, it also has disadvantages. These can be found in the field of infrastructure and also include financial aspects. Since new construction projects in Switzerland are mainly carried out in the agglomeration and the city centers offer the possibility of renting a first occupation only in exceptional cases, longer distances must unfortunately be accepted. Similarly, rent is a disadvantage as higher rents are usually required.
These disadvantages can be the decisive factor against the decision to buy a new property. But there are also a large number of tenants who attribute superior benefits to their disadvantages. Modern equipment and up-to-date environmental standards such as new windows and state-of-the-art insulation are generally the decisive criteria.