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CHF 455'000.—
Nombre de pièces
Surface habitable
61 m²

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Located in the canton of Valais, in the resort of “Portes du Soleil”, Thermes Parc is located between the villages of Val-d'Illiez and Troistorrents, 15 minutes from the motorway and 10 minutes from the nearest ski slopes.

Situated at an altitude of 950 meters, Val d’Illiez remains easily accessible, only a few hours away from Geneva, Zurich, Paris and Milan. This natural oasis is a center for skiing, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding and many other seasonal activities.

Access by railway: Thermes Parc is located at 500 meters from the Fayot train station on the AOMC Line.
Access by plane: Geneva International Airport is only at 1h15 by car. Zurich International Airport is at 2h30 by car, and Basel Airport is at 2h15 by car.

THE APARTMENT BUILDINGS meet the highest standards of quality and architecture, and aim to respect the local construction style. Particular prominence has thus been lent to wood and natural stone.

              Brief description
The apartments for sale are located in 4 residences. These are 120 comfortable apartments, from studios (1 bed room) to apartment of 4 rooms including 2 bedrooms. Sizes ranging from 32m2 to 116m2. Apartments are fully furnished and equipped (cable televisions and internet included) Cellar, laundry room and ski lockers are included in the purchase. They are enjoying a balcony, terrace and / or garden. Indoor parking’s in the building basement and external parking’s spaces available.

Salle price of the apartments: from CHF 387'000.— to CHF CHF 1’278'000.--


  • A living-room with a sofa or pull-out bed, a TV and a balcony or a patio.
  • A kitchen with 2 vitro-ceramic hubs, a fridge, a dishwasher and an oven
  • A bathroom with closet, shower or bathtub and a towel-dryer.
  • 1 bedroom with a queen bed

Price: CHF 455'000 .--


  • 2 bedrooms, one with a queen bed and the other with two single beds, an additional closet.
  • A living-room with a sofa or pull-out bed, a TV and a balcony or a patio.
  • A kitchen with 2 vitro-ceramic hubs, a fridge, a dishwasher, oven and a kettle.
  • A bathroom with closet, shower or bathtub and a towel-dryer.

Price : CHF 815'000 .--


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Being the owner of an apartment at Thermes Parc is a real privilege: you are not only investing in your own well-being, but in top-of-the-line real estate.

      1. Your apartment will be profitable.

If the apartments are not occupied for long periods, owners have an obligation to offer them for rent for 8 months.
With the aim of having a lively village all year round, the sales contract is accompanied by a leasing contract with the Val-d’Illiez thermal baths management company. The company manages rental of the flats and their maintenance.

You receive a rental income based on the type of apartment you own, and on the season in question. Average rental per week is from CHF 620.—to CHF 1’500.— (60 % of the rental income will return to the owner of the apartment). The remaining 40 % of the revenue will cover all the maintenance expenses of the management company in charge of the Thermes Parc.

     2. Other advantages:
• Personalized welcoming
• Your beds are ready on your arrival
• Free access to the thermal baths area (pool, Turkish bath, sauna, warm-water river, hot baths) for the person who signed the deed of sale agreement
• Special rates for treatments at the SPA center
• Special rates at ‘La Bergerie’ restaurant



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Atlantida S.A.

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Monsieur Pierre KAHLA
Route des Acacias 24, C.P. 248
1211 Genève 19

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