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We only work with experienced and trustworthy estate agents. We get regular feedback on completed sales.

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You can sit back and relax, saving time and effort. Your estate agent is by your side every step of the way: from appraisal and marketing to negotiations and key handover.

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You will receive our recommendations by email. The estate agents will get in touch with you. You can compare them and decide which – if any – you’d like to work with.

Do you have any questions?

How do I sell my house or apartment?

In general, every property sale includes these steps: a property valuation, preparing the sales documentation and deciding whether you would like to work with or without an estate agent to sell your property. You can find detailed information in our overview article, Everything you need to know about selling your house

What are the advantages of working with an estate agent?

Ideally, an estate agent will contribute experience in your local property market and will have sold similar properties. They support you with the property valuation and with creating a professional sales dossier, organise the marketing and viewings for you, and communicate with the authorities and the notary. Thanks to him, you will get the best price for your property. ImmoScout24 can help you to find the right estate agent to sell your property.

How high are the estate agent fees/the commission?

The commission is usually 2-3% of the sale price, up to 5% of the sale price depending on the canton and property, and only needs to be paid once the sale is complete. There are other costs on top of this, e.g. travel expenses and marketing costs. For these, it's worth agreeing on a fixed price or a cost ceiling.

Can I calculate a property’s value myself online?

There are two ways for you to calculate the market value of a property: by commissioning an expert, or by conducting an online property valuation. For all the information on Immoscout24’s property valuation methods

What happens to a property in the event of divorce or inheritance?

Depending on the ownership structure, the owners or the heirs must agree on how to proceed. Will the house be sold or will one party take over the others’ shares?

What happens to a mortgage when you sell a property?

There are two options: you can transfer the mortgage to your new property, or the buyer can take it on. You can find details about the buyer taking on the mortgage on FinanceScout24

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