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«Room rental and other services»

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Coming to Geneva for private or professional reasons?
Looking for short or medium term housing?
We have a solution!
Nicely furnished rooms in shared residential houses
We can also help with your

Permis de séjour
Address domicile private & company
Lease guarantee
Insurance matters
Practical topics (organisation, storage, movers)

Administration (personnel, company creation, accounting)
Call us! 15 minutes of free advice. Personal Meeting on request
Le Secrétariat Home & Business Center 022 348 44 53

Online application dossier

Create an appealing dossier to apply for this property. You can manage it online and send it easily – via web or app.

Extract from the debt collection register

In a few days by e-mail and by post at your home. Per invoice, for CHF 29.–

Order the extract

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