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3.5 Zimmer

«Apartment in Chavannes pres Renens, close to Renens Gare/EPF»

CHF 1'780.—




Price: 1780 CHF (1610 CHF net rent + 170 CHF of charges, including water and heating)
Time: From 07.15.2020
Place: Rue de la Blancherie 5, Chavannes-pres-Renens, 1022.
10 min walk to Aligro, Denner, La Post, Migros, Lidl.
10 min walk to public transport: Renens Gare. 25 min walk or 10
min by bike to EPFL / UNIL.

5 min walk to No 31, 32, 25, 33 bus stations.
Rooms: 3.5 piece, one big living room, two bedrooms, one washing room, one kitchen (with oven and fridge) and one big balcony with the living room, one small balcony with the kitchen. Besides, there is an underground storage room. The building has a laundry room with several washing machines and dryers.
Neighbors: We do not have any problems with them for these 3 years.
If possible, I would like to find someone who can take over our furniture, including washing machine, freezer, double bed, sofa, tables, chairs, cabinet, baby crib etc. Price will be very low.

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