Publication Prices for private advertisers

Registered users can publish their properties (incl. 17 images, videos or PDF's) under the following conditions:

Duration Price
14 days CHF 159.-
30 days CHF 199.-
60 days CHF 269.-
90 days CHF 339.-
180 days CHF 539.-
Prices incl. VAT

In the event of early success (letting or sale), the advertising costs for unused publication days will not be proportionately reimbursed.

We accept the following methods of payment
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Payment against invoice
Please note: if you pay against invoice, an administration fee of CHF 9.- will be charged.

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Advertising costs for members (professional suppliers)

As a professional supplier with several advertisements, you benefit from special conditions.

We will be glad to send you a price list and product catalogue by e-mail or post. Please contact us using the form.