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Beautiful modern 3-bedroom apartment with great rental value and view

Prix de vente
CHF 795'000.—
Nombre de pièces
Surface habitable
120 m²


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On a beautiful central location in Haute-Nendaz lies apartment Crevasse, overlooking the Vallée du Rhône. In all seasons of the year, the area of Nendaz offers a beautiful holiday destination. In winter obviously with the ski-slopes of Tracouet (providing access to the largest ski-domain of Switzerland) within walking distance, and in the non winter-seasons due to the fantastic hiking opportunities in the area and the climate of this area in Switzerland; with an average of 300 sunny days a year a fantastic summer destination as well! The panoramic view from the apartment is guaranteed, as well as the all year round easy access and private outdoor and indoor car parking right next to the building.

The apartment with great architectural design, has been built in 2005 in high quality materials and finishings (natural stone roof, Larch wooden exterior, high quality interior finishings, tailor made built-in wardrobes, etc.) and offers plenty of space for 6 people.
The apartment has a a very practical yet cozy internal layout with plenty of practical storage space and a cozy living room with siting area around the fireplace.

One enters the apartment by means of a private entrance, thus no shared entrance with other apartments in this small-scale apartment building (a building contains a total of 6 apartments). This provides the apartment with best of both worlds: the ease of an apartment, yet the privacy of a chalet.

Once entered, one finds himself in the hallway which contains practical storage space, before being welcomed by the spacious and cosy living room with fireplace. The large panoramic show you a view over the Rhone-Valley which will take your breath away every time.
The bright open kitchen with dining area is located just adjacent to the living and benefits from all modern equipment.
French doors provide access to the balcony, which comfortably fits a dining table.

A large corridor provides access to the three large bedrooms and two luxurious bathrooms located to the back of the apartment. Each bedroom is equiped with tailor made built-in wardrobes, matching the materialisation of the rest of the apartment.

The apartment shows an outstanding rental income (we can provide with records of the last year). Clearly, it is not obligatory to continue to rent the property out.

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Auteur de l’annonce

Dreamchalet International SA

Monsieur Christian  Koopman
Chemin des Veillas 10
1997 Haute-Nendaz

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Route de la Péroua
1997 Haute-Nendaz, VS

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