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SOLD: 2-level apartment in tax haven, terrace towards lake Hallwil

CHF 730'000.—
Anzahl Zimmer
165 m²



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Please note: This apartment was just recently sold and is no longer available.


Generous and bright spaces with up to 5 m high, partially open ceilings characterize this apartment, which only had one occupant and required little special equipment since its building completion.


The East and West facades have windows on almost all the entire length of the attic level, the living room and the bedroom (with en-suite bathroom) have access to a 36 m2 terrace with an impressive view (from the Alps in the South up to the other side of the lake Hallwil) and with the sunset visible till the last sunrays (there are big, semiautomatic sun blinds for sun protection). In the evening you can create a comfortable atmosphere using the new fire place.

Protection against the sunlight and bad weather conditions is also provided by the electrically operated exterior blinds, and no room is visible from outside. Thanks to the smart building technique (double exterior wall due to the western hallway) and to the good insulation, you can hear almost no sound coming from the street or from the only neighboring apartment on the same house level.

The 2-storey layout facilitates accommodating two (or three) persons, respectively the combination of private/recreation zone on the upper level and work/guest area on the lower apartment level.

2 showers, 1 comfortable round bathtub and 3 WCs are all distributed in 3 bathrooms.

The built-in kitchen can be separated from the vast entrance area by a glass sliding door, which is recessed into the wall. It provides a lot of storage space, room for a dining corner and a convenient, modern equipment: the dishwasher and the baking oven have been replaced in the past years, the multifunction microwave and the ceramic stove top (with touch control) are as good as new, all the rest of the devices are in a good operational condition.

The 3 bedrooms/work spaces are decorated with Greek marble; a fourth space (in the middle, on the lower apartment level) is open, equipped as a dining/meeting room. Both other rooms have been furnished with practical built-in cabinets. With 4 TV cable and phone connection sockets (each floor has 2) and free choice of the internet provider there is up to 500 Mbit/s bandwidth available. An underfloor central heating keeps the feet warm in all of the rooms. A boiler located in the apartment provides the hot water.


Besides a big cellar storage unit there is also on the upper floor a secondary/hobby room (9 m²) with double window. In order to do the laundry, you don’t need to use the stairs: a laundry room with washing machine, tumbler and sink is located inside. A decalcifying system and network activators are also protecting your health.  After integrating a stair lift to the attic level, the apartment would basically also be handicapped accessible.

An underground parking place (right next to the exit door, and 2m away from the lift) comes with this apartment (included in the price). More parking places can be arranged, presumably by request. In the underground garage there is also a car wash section available. Outside there are 3 visitors’ parking places for 6 apartments ready for use.


At this address you can get through the day perfectly fine without a car: bus station, shopping facilities with long opening hours (also on Saturdays/Sundays!), municipal administration, the edge of the village, a little river, the deer park and the local recreation areas are all located within a short walking distance, almost at your front door; the same as restaurants, a big day care center for kids a.s.o.. A kid’s playground is located directly in front of the house and can be co-used. The young will appreciate the simple ways to get to their schools: the primary/secondary school building, their sports facilities and the lake shore can be reached within 5 minutes walking on beautiful and little circulated alleys. Also, the regional school (1 km) and the high school in Wohlen (20 min using the Bus which comes every half an hour) are located within a reasonable distance.

At a driving distance of approx. 15 minutes there are the small towns Wohlen and Lenzburg, as well as Reinach – respectively more than 37'000 workplaces and the residences of more than 86'000 people. During the summer, the shipping season is at its best and a mild tourism along the lake coast presents a perfect picture of the tax haven (the second lowest tax rate in the canton). Less surprising is the fact that Meisterschwaden presents a growing upper class and an extraordinary low number of vacancies.






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